Hear me out! – Hør på os!

The Microproject: “Hear me out” is an empowerment project with the purpose of supporting users in making their voices heard. The project is working with Participatory Rapid Apprisal, adapted to this project, both users and students.

The microproject established itself with an editing group arranging and carrying out activities for making users stories heard. Users themselves have been teaching at UC SYD and a member of the group has shooted it for further editing for You-Tube and podcast.

The project has just finished a round of Participatory Rapid Apprisal – og Kitchentalks and more users might be active in making their voices heard.

The project also has other activities. We have made an activity folder for users, where they can find other users for eg. Going to the moovies or other activities and we have exchanged experiences with another group.

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